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It will not come as a surprise to you that this site contains (short and novel length) stories. We have created a number of categories in this site, and are now looking for story writers who are willing to share their stories (either fiction or non-fiction genre) with the visitors of this site. Authors, if you have written a story or poem, by all means use our site to publish your writing (short or novel length). Please add to our collection of stories and poems.

Readers, story fans: if or want to read some free stories and/or poems, this story archive is for you! Our collection of short stories and books is growing nearly every day.

The site is separated into two sections. Please choose one of them below. You can easily switch once you are in the site, so your choice is not cast in stone!

1) Standard stories (i.e. not specifically for youngsters)
This section contains the "standard" stories (not specifically for young readers). This can be a short story, a poem or a novel length story (better called a book, really!). At this time we already have hundreds of stories in this section for you to enjoy. But we are always looking for more!

Click here for the standard stories section.

2) Stories for young people (below 18)
This section is created to contain stories for young(er) people. So far, we have received a few dozen submissions in this section. If you have a story suitable for this section, by all means submit!

Click here for the "youngsters" section.

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